Advice Mounting Ego Battery on (dirt) Bike


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Not quite an EBike, but I've mod-ed a Razor dirt bike to use Ego 56v batteries.

Any advice on good ways to mount the battery? Here are the factors I'm considering:
I've been using removable zip ties for testing it out.

Has plastic covers for internals when fully put together. Amazon Product

Could mount a bracket on front, or put it inside, or on the very back with support.

Inside, has cover issues, unless I can hinge that for easy access.
Front, it might get dirty, need some protection.
Back, not much room, need some protection.
Potential heat issues for all, but I think the battery has some smarts about heat, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much about that.

Also, I'll mention, might want to use two batteries in the future for longer run time. Not a priority atm.

On another site someone suggested forming PVC with heat guns. That seems promising, but unsure if I'd go that direction.



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I bought a kg of these plastic beads to make things out of plastic.
You heat them up in hot water and they melt.
It's not too hot to handle, and you can shape it with your hands comfortably, then wait for it to harden.

You spray the battery or bike down with WD40 or something so the melted beads don't stick to it, then you can mold it right to your battery or bike frame.


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