Advice for DIY 1000W ebike

I am looking for advice for building ebike around 1000W front hub motor.

I already bought motor but didn't notice 14mm axle. I have been looking for front suspension fork
with 14mm dropout. But there are none, excpet for tiny BMX bikes. However I going
to build 29". So BMX fork wont do the trick. My previous build/conversion of Helkama 101m
(see attached picture) was pain because preatty wierd frame. I needed some custom machining.

I would like to use front hub motor. Carving some space to 9mm QR dropout would probably
weaken it too much?


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All the information I have read indicates a 1000 watt front hub is potentially dangerous and should only be considered if using a cro-moly (steel) rigid front fork. The forces generated by that much power could cause a suspension fork to break. Even with a 500 watt front hub they recommend using 2 torque arms and frequent inspection for cracks, etc. So for what it's worth do more research, be careful and of course wear a helmet.