Add throttle to Kogan/Fortis ebike

Half Dead

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I found another thread Here discussing the same thing, however it seems I have a slightly newer version of the same bike. My controller only has 4 waterproof plugs/wires coming out of it:
- 2 pin for power from battery
- 9 pin (I think) to motor
- 3 pin yellow plug to Pedal assist sensor
- 6 pin black plug to front of bike (splits into sever plugs for LCD/Brakes etc)

There is no spare throttle cable lying around, I thought I might be able to solder a wire to the pads on the PCB, but when I opened up the controller it has been filled with epoxy to (I assume) prevent modding, So I'm guessing if I want to add a throttle I need to replace the controller.


This is the closest I've found to the original controller, It seems to have the same 9 pin plug to the motor, but all of the other plugs are the more basic non-waterproof plugs. I assume with a little cutting and splicing I can get it to work, but ideally I'd like the process to be non-destructive.
I've looked around and cant seem to find a replacement/sacrificial splitter cable (similar to this) that has the same plugs as mine; which is a 6 pin plug from the controller, that splits into 3x 2-pin (red) plugs for the brakes and horn (the horn is a male plug, the rest are female), a 6-pin (black) that goes into the LCD (OMT-M3) and a down facing wire from the splitter the the front light which is a male 3-pin (yellow) plug.

Will this controller work fine? if I can find a spare 1 to 5 splitter cable that matches, presumably I can cut the 6-pin plug off the bottom off my original one and splice it into the correct wires on the new controller, and just keep the new for a spare if I ever want to put it back.
Hi HD,

Have you managed to connect your throttle?

I have the same bike and am interested in doing the same.

I ended up digging the controller out of the case and cut away most of the epoxy, had to repair a couple of wires that I cut accidentally lol, but it doesn't seem to be broken at all, the bike still functions as it did before.

I soldered 3 wires to the +5VP, ground, and AX1. And connected a throttle to them that I bought off eBay but it doesn't appear to work unfortunately. I tried setting the computer to both throttle+pedal assist and throttle only, but it doesn't go.

Testing those 3 pins with a multimeter gives me about 4.2v across +5VP and ground and about 4.8v across AX1 and ground, twisting the throttle doesn't change that at all.

I did accidentally reverse the 5V and ground wires the first time I plugged it in which gave me an "error 30" on the bike's LCD, but after switching to where they should be the error vanished, not sure if I damaged anything in the controller by doing that, but the throttle still tests fine on its own with a 5v battery, and the bike still goes just fine with pedal assist.

I might still try buying the AliExpress controller and seeing if I can get that to work.
This is the throttle I bought, does anyone know if it should be compatible with my controller? I connected the white wire to AX1, the red to +5VP and the black to ground.
Hi HD,

Sorry for the late follow-up. I was waiting for my throttle to turn up so I could attempt the installation.

Whilst I have the same display unit, my controller BN1054-101-36 is an older version of yours and has a dedicated throttle lead/socket. The installation was easy, I just plugged it in and it worked. My controller does not have round waterproof plugs.

The throttle I bought was (a standard 3-wire hall sensor) budget model. Identical specs to yours (albeit not integrated into the handles).

I'm just wondering if the throttle option was disabled within the firmware of your controller. Really does sound like you've tried everything. I gather you've tried both "throttle only" and "assist and throttle" options with your display's settings?

The next option I guess would be to get another controller with a dedicated throttle lead that's compatible with your OMT-m3 and has round plugs. Or I guess a new controller and display combo that uses round plugs.