Activate throttle in power assist 0


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I have two Himiway cruisers. One a step thru and other not. With one of the bikes I can use the throttle in power assist 0 And the other I can't. I have gone through the settings and can't find a setting for this. Is there a way to activate the throttle in power assist 0?

Depending on the controller, it may or may not be possible. The fact one of the bike does tends to indicate the controller can indeed do it.

Whether you have access to that option (if it is a possibility in the controller) would be a question for the manufacturer or the programming manual.
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also look at the numerous video on yourube regarding programming of the Himiway controller like below

Gives a link to a manual That has a section describing the throttle programing
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have gone through the videos and checked the manual and have been unable to find anything. I must admit that I like riding the bike that has the ability to use a throttle on pedal assist 0. It gives me the ability to ride with no assist until I really need it an then I just give it as much throttle as I need than go back to just leg power.
Did you contact Himiway?
Did you inspect the programing on the bike that has the throtle in mode zero and compare it with the programing of the other one?

Eventually if you set mode 1 to the minimum (20), you should be close to what you want to
I have not contacted Himiway yet, but will. I did go through each menu item comparing the two bikes but didn't find a difference. Thanks
I'd ride without assist a lot more if my throttle weren't disabled. Anyone understand the thinking behind this design choice?

My own argument against: Not the only one with bum knees around here. Mine are fine as long as I keep a 70-90 RPM cadence — even on steep hills. But they really dislike even moderate pedal pressures below 60 RPM. Doubt I'm alone in this.

The good news: I can almost always avoid these situations with just a second or two of throttle here and there. And the more I avoid them, the less knee pain during and after rides, and the more pedaling days in my future. Simple as that.

Under that use case, a throttle enabled at PAS 0 would be most welcome.
If the controller programming does not allow it, but pedal assist programing is available, programming a level asssist 1 at the lowest possible assist is a substitute solution (assuming the controller does not limit the throttle max power to the PAS max power....