30,000 km in 27 months

Ken S

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Just passed the 30,000 km on the weekend! Another 10,000 and that'll be around the world, should make that by late summer early fall.

With the winter and the icy roads we've had this season commuting has been a real challenge to say the least, but the temperatures are coming back up to double digits (Celcius), so it's good bye ice hello rain, -the H2O I can handle.

Had my cassette and chain ring changed finally changed out, and now on my forth chain. The Ohm Bionx combo really is easy on the wear and tear, and therefore parts.

The new remote control and display I can not say enough good things about they are the ultimate in visibility and control.
Was hoping you'd hit the 30,000km mark this month! That is awesome to hear. I much prefer the rain to snow and ice... We are quite spoiled as it is, with the fact that our winters are so short on the West coast, but dear me this winter has been a doozy.

Rubber--side down! 40,000km here we come!