3.0 long range


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My wife and I purchased a 3.0 range a week ago. I’m just wondering if anybody’s having the same issue as we are with our new bikes. In the first power setting the bike, does not have a lot of assistance to it. When you select power level two, the bike has way too much assistance where we need to be in fifth or sixth gear just to not ghost our petals. This is not a good situation when you’re riding on a bike trail because the speeds are around 16 miles an hour. Level one should have more power and level two should have a little less. is anybody else experiencing this?
With our 2.0 models level one is 6 or 7 mph, level two is 10 to 12 mph, and level three is 15 to 18 mph. We mostly use gears five through seven on a combination of city streets and bike paths. Almost sounds like your PAS two is equivalent to our level three. That would be too big a gap for sure....
Jump to the 4:56 part on PAS strength settings. It may help even things out. But changing each assist level is not something you can do on the bike. If you unlocked it to go 28 mph, the option would be to reset it back to 20 to see if it changes things.
Many don't use PAS function at all, just throttle. You can go into the menu to turn it off completely, then just treat the ebike as a 7-speed with a 1hp motor, controlled by the twist throttle, just like on a real scooter.

And if you want to go a particular speed, just hold it with the throttle and hold down the (-) key for a second. Then the bike will try to stay at that speed.

Come to think of it, I think the 3.0 is a bit different in that it holds power setting rather than speed.