250km and honeymoon not over!


What an amazing bike. No complaints, still very much loving the bike and the beautiful high-end components I lovingly gaze at once in a while. Getting a lot of remarks on how good it looks -- think I am a good ambassador for the brand here as I bike to coffee shops, banks, grocery stores... My goal was for it to take me off the car for 20-30% of the time and it has done that admirably.

Few changes-- I first changed the seat with my Giant hybrid, and then quickly changed it back. The stock velo seat actually is very very good-- it doesn't look sporty (reason I initially changed it), but it's good for me so it's staying on -- really forces me to position myself on my sit bones. I like the look of the Brooks B17 but the seat is so good I can't justify the change -- maybe if it gets ripped/stolen in a few years....

Since I've been biking so much around town I'm gifting myself the NCX suspension post so that will be a nice perk. Do I need it? Probably not as the front suspension and Schwalbe performance Big Ben tires give you a great comfortable ride (and awesome grip)... but it's something I want to try as I've seen Court talk about it very positively.

I love having the latest tech so will be hard to look at the new models later this year! I upgrade my iPhone every year and that's a slurge, don't think I could do it with the bike!

Anyway, that's the 1 month update. Happy riding!
Great EbikeR2! Ohm bikes are so eyecatching; better yet, the ride is amazing. Got a couple of pics of the bike or where you ride? Would be nice :)