2022 Aventon Sinch Folding Fat Ebike Reviews


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Hi guys! Aventon sent me this press release about their new Sinch model, which is an update for their folding fat tire electric bike. It looks really nice with the updated brown sidewall tires and two color schemes with internally routed cables, and I've covered an older model here so you can watch the video and get some idea of what the bike might be like... but here are my quick thoughts and short review.

Given the smaller wheel diameter of most folders, I appreciate that this one has a suspension fork, and it appears to also have lockout adjust. My guess is that it's a spring suspension, especially given the higher weight of 68lbs, according to them. I love the fat tires, because the increased air volume acts as a shock absorber for the front and rear wheels! They also improve stability and lower the attack angle of the wheel (since the 4" tires are taller than standard 1.75" or 2.25" wide tires on a regular folder).

It looks like the Sinch also has a telescoping stem, a color LCD display, and a smartphone app! That's pretty fancy, and rare at this price point. Just from looking at the photos, I can tell that the key slot for the battery is on the left side of the frame and up high, so it's less vulnerable to the left crank like a lot of other affordable ebikes. The bike is already low to the ground, so having the key slot up high is a big win. The price is great at $1,799 USD, especially since I've seen Aventon ebikes in dealers vs. only being sold direct. It's a Class 2 ebike with throttle and pedal assist, clean integrated battery, and hub motor design, but still has mechanical disc brakes and a basic 7-speed freewheel to keep the price down. I'm guessing that it uses 14 to 28 tooth and a Shimano Tourney derailleur based on the photos and lack of clarification in their spec sheet.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and additions, as well as links to good reviews out there! I'm curious if it has a USB charging port...

2022-aventon-sinch-folding-electric-fat-tire-bike.jpg 2022-aventon-sinch-ebike-specs-battery-motor-gears.jpg 2022-aventon-sinch-colors-green-and-red.jpg 2022-aventon-sinch-lifestyle-photos.jpg

Nice! Micah Toll from Electrek is on it and just posted a video review with more details, I'll embed it below but leave my initial thoughts in tact above. From his coverage, the biggest complaints appear to be no included lights or fenders, and the power ramps up a bit slowly. The app looks pretty cool with a QR code that you can scan to connect:



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Perfect timing !
My progressive neurological affliction, a.k.a. Parkinson's Disease, has advanced to the point that climbing aboard and dismounting from my full sized D J eBikes mountain bike will sooner or later become an onerous if not dangerous chore. I rode a neighbors Lectric folder and found it to be a gem insofar as riding it. But I was kind of meh about the bike itself. This New Aventon has got my attention for sure!

Thanks, Court, for the early heads up!
Hey @arcom I'm glad the info helped! I think the bike looks really cool, and it's great that you would gain some stability and approachability compared to the DJ Mountain Bike. Sorry to hear that your Parkinson's has been progressing, but what a great attitude and positive ways to spend your time. Thanks for being here with us! I appreciate you.