2019 SDURO FullSeven LT 3.0, stuck in 'limp' mode


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I bought this bike used last year with 100 miles on it, I've only ridden 38 miles since then and the majority of that was in the first 3 months of ownership but those 38 miles were flawless without issues. I wanted to dust the bike back off and get it back going again this summer as my son is finally old enough to ride in a trailer. It had sat in the garage the past 12 months or so having only ridden it 2 times just quickly around the neighborhood (no issues). I did a quick 5 minutes ride around the block then brought the bike to my LBS without the battery to just get a mechanical tune up and have the brake levers swapped over from European/Moto style to the style I'm accustomed to (Right rear / Left front). All was well and they did a quick look over and swapped the brakes, tuned suspension for me free of charge.

When I got back home and put the battery in I noticed after 30 seconds or so of riding the motor assist cuts out and the ODO reading on the display was flashing. If I ride extremely slowly (walking pace or slower) you can feel the motor assist kick in to maintain that very slow pace but as soon as you go faster it cuts out again. Powering off/on the Display will reset the pedal assist for another 30 seconds or so (the length of time did vary from just a few seconds to sometimes lasting over a minute). But always the same result of it cutting power assist and the odometer read out blinking, also the speedometer not showing speed. However it would calculate estimated range in the few good seconds of riding before cut out.

Anyways the bike is back at my LBS who obviously immediately claimed no responsibility (I wasn't trying to blame them, just didn't know what to do) but they are going to do their own searching to see what they can find. However in my recent searching I've not seen much luck. I'm located on the East coast of the US and so far have not found a bike shop that will work on the Yamaha PW-SE motor or components. I sent a message to Haibike and am still waiting on a reply. I contacted Yamaha's customer relations and they immediately stated they could provide zero info or help because this was a motor made specially for Haibike and that only Haibike could do anything. I did find a link to some diagnostic software that I could possibly try when hooking my bike up to my computer and I also saw you can do the built-in diagnostics from the display unit. Neither have been done yet as I do not have access to the bike and won't be able to get time to pick it up until the weekend.

So anyways if anyone has any info or help that would be great, feeling pretty hopeless at the moment and upset that a bike with 138 miles on it is experiencing this issue.