2018 VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited unboxing video on YouTube


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The audio isn't great, but thought I'd share because there just aren't enough VoltBike videos out there.

My unboxing video on YouTube.

I think the link above will take you to YouTube, but I'm going to post the link directly below to see if that will embed the video here to make it easier for everyone.

It's my first ever public video, so please keep feedback constructive.
Was the allen wrench that came in the toolkit the right size for the handlebar installation? Several other members stated they didn't get a wrench.
It was not included. I mentioned that in my video. I had one available at home, though. If you've ever assembled furniture from Ikea you almost certainly have lots of these lying around.
Do not understand your comment, wattage and Class do not go hand and hand. It is Class 2 because limited to 20 MPH (about 22 on mine before it stops assist). Yes it could be made to go to 28 without that much issue, limited in locked software on controller. The motor used comes in two different winding's and this one is set for low end torque not speed. I think the M2S bikes are set to speed and RadRover is torque. Also the CUL or current level is available to end user so folks in Canada can easily adjust it from 10 amps (500w) to 15 amps (750w) once they get the bike anyway.