2017 - A 750 Watt bike - We want to hear your opinion


Thanks to Court for having an own Addmotor Forum here. Many people already purchased an Addmotor Bike from us or through one of our retailers and we get many good feedbacks. So this year we want to take great efforts again to make Addmotor even better.

2017 just started and we already are working hard to get new models on the market. The latest upgrade will be an 750 Watt motor on the Motan M850. But we do not simply want to develop our bikes on our own ideas, we want to listen to our customers voices and develop a bike which meets your needs. We have different options already but please write us here which features you are missing or which you want to improve. Also when you have any suggestions about the motor or battery, let us know.

We are listening to you
Thank you all in advance

3.jpg EB585-21.jpg
I like that your bikes hold a big boy 340lbs. I also see you have a couple 1000watt bikes I may be interested. The fact I have seen no reviews does tend to make me hesitate.
Hi, thank you for your answer.
We are still new to this forum and hope reviews could get more. But you can have a look at our website or on Amazon, where lots of our customers left their reviews. If you are located in California we also would welcome you to a test ride in our warehouse.
I prefer "normal" looking ebikes... something stealthy. Slim tires 2.5" or less. Something that can be mistaken as a normal bicycle.

I don't want an ebike to look like an ebike, or attract too much attention. Your bikes are nice, but at the same time, quite unique looking and mostly fat tires.

The Moran M850 looks really nice, and I would love to ride it on private property. But I would be uncomfortable taking it out on public roads, or bike paths, commuting, etc.
same here I prefer more normal looking electric bikes -- also more frame sizes - not a one-size fits all bike -
I'm 6 ft 1 inch so I'm afraid something like this would be too small for me...or if you want to ship me one to test it out for an unbiased review I'd be willing to try to it out! ...in Denver, CO
Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle 27.5" Mountain Bike

Unless you're just running down to the corner store on it, any one size fits most is going to be too small for you.