Addmotor unveils new City Pro electric bike for commuters with ‘125 miles of range’


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Replacing cars as commuter vehicles is one of the best uses for electric bicycles, which help would-be riders turn into actual riders by adding the confidence boost of electric pedal assist. Now Addmotor is hoping to cash in on the market with its own electric city bike known as the City Pro.

Addmotor is typically known for more out-there designs, like giant fat tire electric bikes or retro-styled moped e-bikes.

But with the announcement of the new Addmotor City Pro, the company is planning a more traditional diamond frame e-bike for metro-style riding.

The new model may look like a typical city e-bike, but it comes with a few features that we normally only see on higher-spec models.

For example, the bike’s 48V and 20Ah battery is much larger than those found on typical value-oriented electric city bikes. The company claims that the 960 Wh can offer as much as 125 miles (201 km) of range on pedal assist, though that’s likely in the lowest power pedal assist mode. Higher power pedal assist or throttle-only operation are still likely to garner some serious range thanks to a battery that is much larger than average.

The 500W motor is said to offer 900 peak watts of power, making for strong starts and proper hill-climbing performance.

Hydraulic disc brakes are also included standard, improving the braking power and reducing the routine maintenance requirements of the bike.

I'm a bit mystified why anyone needs that much battery on a city type bike that typically would see less than 20 miles per day? Seems like alot of undue weight which can make handling the bike while powered on and off unwieldy in urban and city environs.

There is little benefit in only having to charge your bike once in awhile as even if so you still have to have your charging setup down so that is as easy access as possible.