200 mile update


200 mile update

Most of my experience with this bike has been very positive. I have not experienced any problems that have kept me from riding or left me stranded during a ride. My rides are usually 10-15 miles long at a time.


  • Power of the rear hub motor is good. The bike achieves about 26 mph on throttle alone and I’ve gotten the bike up to 33 mph with pedal assist (mind you I have to pedal uncomfortably fast at those speeds) using data from Ride w/ GPS app. With a comfortable cadence, I can achieve 28 mph very easily.
  • Price. I still feel that you get a lot for your money for this bike. It retails for $1399 including shipping within the US. At the time of purchase, there was a $50 off code available for signing up with an e-mail.
  • Range is within my expectations. Using primarily PAS 2-3 I am comfortably achieving 40-50 miles of range when riding alone.
  • Included fenders and rear rack are great. The rear rack has no problem holding a child seat with a 35lb child. I’ve also used this to tow a trailer with a toddler inside simultaneously with a child on the rear rack. No issues with power on the bike.
  • Been getting a lot of compliments on the style on the bike. You will be noticed for better or worse.
  • The computer settings are adjustable and allow you to tune the PAS to a level that is comfortable for the rider.

  • The kickstand had a screw come loose letting the lower portion of the stand to fall off during a ride. Luckily I was able to hear it fall off and picked it back up and repaired it easily.
  • No integrated rear light. At this price point, I can understand why. But they do include a battery operated light you can attach to the seat post.
  • Stock seat was uncomfortable so I ended up switching out to a Selle Royale seat and a Satori Animaris suspension seat post.
  • The bike is heavy. You do not want to run out of juice on this bike especially if you’re towing a lot of gear.

  • Front fork suspension is unbranded and generic. I’ve tried adjusting the settings to reduce the bounciness but it doesn’t seem to affect the ride. There is a lockout feature which is helpful for being on the road.
  • Brakes are mechanical disk brake. So far I haven’t had a problem but would have preferred hydraulic disc for such a heavy bike. It’s good that they did include 180mm discs.
  • Battery charger is only 2A. For a 17.5ah battery, charging takes a while. I will be purchasing a Luna charger soon to solve this.
  • Motor brand is an unknown. So far it's not a problem but I hear that Bafang is the best in the rear hub game, but this is a Luaxing. Hopefully I don't have to use the 2 yr warranty.
That’s it for now.


I’m having a great time being outdoors on the bike and getting exercise that I otherwise wouldn’t be. Bike is doing everything I want it to and has been a great entry point into the world of E-bikes!