1UP hitch mount rack setup for sale in NYC area


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White Plains, New York
Still available as of March 24th. Please make an offer.

Package deal:
purchased in March 2021 and barely used. In just about new condition.

I’m in White Plains, NY. Pickup preferred but I could probably meet you within 20 miles or so depending on which direction and schedules etc.

I’m posting this initially without photos because they look nearly brand new so essentially identical to the photos in the product pages linked above, and also because my garage is a disaster and my back hurts today. But I will get around to adding photos here soon. Sooner if you DM me and ask to see them.

I paid $910 and they’re barely used so I’m thinking maybe $600 but feel free to DM me an offer; you never know.

If you already have a 1UP rack and really just want the add-on, I’m open to that I suppose. DM me. As long as I have the add-on though, I’m not gonna sell the main unit without it.
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