1st 30 miles XP 1.0


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Having fun with this thing. It's zippy. Ridden on pavement, gravel, grass, and a bit of dirt so far. Everything functioning as it should. Rode last night. Aftermarket lights helps the dinky stock light. Added extension bar, bike stereo, turn signals/brake/flasher lights front and rear, two lights, a horn, a bell, spoke reflectors, rim reflective tape, top tube bag, lockable hard case luggage trunk, waiting for suspension seat post to arrive Monday to install Cloud 9 seat. I have a wider handle bar I haven't installed yet. Here's a shot with pool cue strapped in front of luggage trunk...
The Lectric 1.0 is a stiff ride. Fortunately, there are plenty of more comfortable aftermarket options. The battery and motor perform surprisingly well in the terrain of the foothills, Blue Ridge Mountains. Overall, I'm happy with this bike after the first 30 miles.
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Thanks. Suspension Seat Post But I have no idea if it's any good. No reviews. I ordered it cuz it's red. I don't have any plans for adding front suspension as of now.
Oh yes, of course, I remember your other post now about this. Please let us know how it works out. Have fun! I think I have another 4 weeks to wait for my 2.0 XP Step-thru, if all goes according to plan and the stars align. 💫