electric bike

  1. Kaldeem

    If you live in NYC plz be careful in the following weeks.

    http://road.cc/content/news/204350-gang-new-york-targeting-riders-electric-bikes Report of 3-4 ebike riders being victims to late night robbers, no-one seriously injured, but 3 ebikes stolen and some phones and cash. So here's a question, since we ride bikes that are 3x more expensive than the...
  2. KevinR

    For steep hill,,

    Hi guys, i am about to buy electric bike, but I live in a very hilly area of PA. I was curious how this bike works on hills? The hill I live nearby is around 15~20% grade and I'm hoping this bike will make life a little easier. I was thinking about Prodecotech's Phantom x2 or Electrobike's...
  3. G

    World's Smallest Bosch Powered Ebike

    Tern is preparing to show their new folding electric bike that uses the Bosch mid drive system, it's called the Tern Elektron. Below are a couple of infographics they created talking about the e-bike boom with stats on electric bike sales growth between 2011 and 2015 up 275% to ~2.3 million...
  4. Neal

    Finally finished my new fat bike build!

    I finally finished my new fat bike build I've been working on for a month now! I started with a Motobecane Boris the Brut Sprung. I then installed a BBSHD motor with the new color display, a 30 tooth chain ring, and a Panasonic 52 volt, 13.5 A/hr "GA" cell battery. I installed fenders, a...
  5. Eric Crews | M2S Bikes

    M2S Bikes All-Go | Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

    We just launched our crowd-funding campaign for this new carbon fiber electric bike and I'd really like to hear your initial feedback and thoughts on what we have to offer. Take a look at the Indiegogo page here: https://igg.me/at/m2sbikes/x/12596322
  6. Ron Adamowicz

    Win a Free Battery pack!

  7. Ron Adamowicz

    LAZER EDGE Series Fat eBike - 250W - 500W - 750W - 1000W

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ronald Adamowicz I am the Founder of LAZER ELECTRIC MOTORSPORTS. Today we would like to present our featured eBike....LAZER EDGE Series Fat eBike. Please, if you have any questions I'm always available. Indiegogo Campaign...
  8. Mgb

    My new Muse... FLUX E-Bike

    Hi guys I saw a post in a spanish forum about a new E-bike coming out in march. They said the price will be about 2000 usd (I saw good deals in their web to get one for 500usd off). I know maybe I can't compare it with a bosh or yamaha motor, but I just thought it could be an interesting and...
  9. R

    LAZER EDGE Series Fat E-Bike

    These new ebikes are produced in Westbrook, CT. I read an article stating they offer 4 power options 250W, 500W, 1000W, 6000W ebikes. I am looking for more info, the article said a release date of April, 2016?
  10. Kaldeem

    Denver Colorado EBR Meetup Group

    If you live in or near DENVER COLORADO and own an electric bike or are interested in eBikes but haven't committed for one reason or the other, I hereby officially invite ALL OF YOU to the first Denver Ebike meetup. When and Where you say...?? For now I'm going to leave that open until we have...
  11. S

    E-Bike Suggestion

    Hey guys, I've been looking for an ebike now almost a month but didn't find anything suitable for me, and would like to ask for some advice... What I am looking for is a bike with: - 28 mph (possibly just on throttle) - at least 11 AH (and if it is possible 48 Volt) - a range of at least 25...
  12. Electric Bike Expo

    E-Bike Expo: Ride the Newest E-Bikes in Phoenix

    On January 15th, 16th, and 17th, the Electric Bike Expo will be at the Tempe Diablo Stadium (Phoenix, AZ) with 80+ of the latest electric bikes available for test ride; for FREE! The Electric Bike Expo is a no sales, no pressure event. Just come out and ride some of the newest electric bikes on...
  13. Marty

    Is there any interest in a quality 30 pound electric bike, for a good price?

    I have a great bike (that someone here likes a lot) for a good price, so it should sell. Every time I ride one of the bikes people comment positively.
  14. Marty

    California's Ebike law

    I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the new law regulating electric bikes that takes effect in California on Jan. 1st. If you are unaware, it clearly defines what is and what isn't legal. Google it if you don't know about this. See chart below. Basically it creates three types of...
  15. Jessie

    Is it possible to run 62 miles on a single charge for a Pedal-assist Ebike?

    The answer is definitely yes. It is possible for the Rbike. When the battery is full charged, riding Rbike around Qinghai Lake for 62 miles, there is still a grid of electricity left. Witobuy found a team to raise crowdfunding for the Rbike on Indiegogo. It's Gorgeous, how do you think? More...