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  1. Enki Cycles

    Enki Cycles' Billy Preorder

    Hey EBR community, Just letting you know that our latest preorder promotion is ending July 31st. For those of you who missed out on the recent shipment, this is your chance to ensure you get your very own Billy this year. Preorders will receive: + Free USA shipping + Free extra battery (so, 2...
  2. ebikecali

    Drop Handlebars on E-bikes

    Hi everyone, Was just wondering if anyone tried to replace the handlebars on their e-bike (pedelec/mid-drive) with a drop handlebars? If yes, could you please share with us how you did. Do you guys think it is possible and is it recommended? Thank you
  3. ebikecali

    Trek XM700+ vs Super Commuter+ 7 (2018)

    Hi everyone, I decided to buy an electric bike and did a couple of test rides and research. I live in Southern California and I am looking for a commuting bike - my commute is around 14 miles one way - and I am currently choosing between the following 2 bikes: Trek Super Commuter+7 (2018) &...
  4. ccare

    WTS: 2018 Gepida Asgard 1000 29er Electric Mountain Bike

    2018 Gepida Asgard 1000 29er Electric Mountain Bike NEW / COST $2999 / SHIPS IN 24HRS This Asgard comes in a beautiful colour that changes from pink to red in different light. Perfect for hitting the trails and great at climbing hills. This unit comes with the Bosch Performance line offering...
  5. P

    Road Warrior Electric Fat Bike

    PowerOn Electric Bikes has come out with an awesome new electric fat bike...The Road Warrior. It has a powerful 48V 750 Watt Bafang motor & torque sensor and has a 13.6ah Samsung battery. It's also equipped with Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes for fast, reliable stopping power. Get free shipping &...
  6. A

    VOLT 750 Limited Review?

    I just recently purchased the colt 750 limited w/2017 upgrades and was wondering anyone has experience with this bikes and their thoughts. I haven't found much only concerning it. I know it closely relates to the original 750. Anything helps :) VoltBike Yukon
  7. M

    The World's Most Affordable E-Bikes %50 Off (199 USD)

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/metro-the-world-s-most-affordable-electric-bike/x/17555293#/ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/motor-the-world-s-most-affordable-electric-bike/x/17556402#/
  8. Julia S

    Tern Vektron - a.k.a. "Hill Mitigator!"

    The steep hills to our house had finally defeated me over the years. I accepted that I was done dealing with hills. I hadn't been on my bike for a few years and yet I still missed the joys of riding. I read a lot of Court's reviews and tried out about a dozen e-bikes. Being a mere 5'1", I...
  9. S

    Which E-bike with these features?

    About me: The biggest reason for wanting an electronic bike is to help me get over hills. My price range is no more than $2,000 ($2,199 absolute max) (but not including accessories or shipping/tax). I'm 5'11", weigh 190 lbs (with a 10-15 lbs variance over time). Eventually, I'll live somewhere...
  10. Farbike

    2018 X-treme E-Bikes

    Hey E-Bikers, I want to hear what you all think about these new bikes we will release at the end of August. We just got an update on the new X-treme Electric Bicycles for 2018. First off the geared hub motors are going to be zero resistance thanks to a clutch that disengages the motor when...
  11. Z

    Best Electric Bikes Under $1000?

    I'm currently looking for an Electric Bike to use as transportation to work. I would be biking around 7 miles a day. Looking to order online. The bike I currently have in my Amazon cart waiting to buy is an ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike for $620 (Just went up from $600...) and it goes up to...
  12. S

    Advice please re sending an electric bike from the UK to Switzerland

    Hello I bought a second hand VELEC (Belgian made) electric bike that I would like to send to our home in London, UK to our holiday home in Flims in Switzerland. Can anyone advise me about companies that send bikes, how to choose a reputable company, what to ask them, how to box up the bike and...
  13. L

    Petite looking for car replacement

    I am a petite ( 5'1") woman currently on a Surly which I love but am interested in buying an ebike for the steep hills in my neighborhood in Los Angeles. My wants: upright position, commuting and touring ( 60+ miles), removable and lockable battery and computer, quiet,comfortable ride with...
  14. F

    Organic Transit Elf

    I took delivery of my ELF electric bicycle in January 2016, from Organic Transit. I really like the idea for the ELF but most of the time the bike really does not operate due to electrical issues. The bike is really attractive looking. I think of that it looks like a little miniature Volkswagen...
  15. jaybird

    any suggestions for an older, 300 lb, tall rider with a bad knee for an electric bike

    Hi could anyone suggest an electric bike for a tall rider, 6'3, 300 lbs, with arthritis in one knee, and a comfortable ride but not too slow. I am 62 years old and live in Miami beach and its flat terrain but I have to move along to keep up with cars. Thank you.
  16. R

    News from eBikeMaps - an eBike trip planning tool

    Hi, here are some news since march (which complete this "old" thread: https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/ebike-comparison-tool-ebikemaps.2440/): First of all, eBikeMaps it's now 6000 members ! We're quite happy about that because the number grows mostly by word of mouth, which means...
  17. C


    Hi Everyone, I'm new in the community and I would like to buy an e-bike. A friend of mine advised me to buy the motor of Bikee Bike. Do you know the brand? Do you have suggestion or if it's a good choice?
  18. Freway eBike

    Great News : Freway Buffalo will be available soon!

    Hi, guys. Now some of you might know Freway from the campaign we raised on Kickstarter last year, and some of you might have purchased our first generation electric bike VR-01 from Amazon. We thank you for your continuous support to us :) We've received many feedback from our customers, most...
  19. Pedego Greater Long Beach

    Pedego Electric Bikes

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) You may have seen us on TV in a Time Warner Cable ad. They came to us because of an essay Beth wrote about the importance of forming a community for Pedego riders. We strongly believe that, near or far, our riders are our friends. And we love seeing them...
  20. Daniel@OHMCycles

    Keep the rubber-side down! Hello from OHM Cycles :)

    I wanted to introduce myself to the great crowd here in this cozy forum. My name is Daniel Henderson. I am the North American Sales Coordinator for OHM Cycles! I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you folks either abroad at trade shows, while riding bikes, or at our new HQ in North...