World's Smallest Bosch Powered Ebike


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Tern is preparing to show their new folding electric bike that uses the Bosch mid drive system, it's called the Tern Elektron. Below are a couple of infographics they created talking about the e-bike boom with stats on electric bike sales growth between 2011 and 2015 up 275% to ~2.3 million units. In Europe half of all bicycles now sold are electric (specifically in the Netherlands) and we're seeing better batteries, better motors and people want to be more environmentally conscious and save money. The Tern Elektron model is poised to be the worlds smallest Bosch powered bike.

elektron-inforgraphic-front-page1.png elektron-inforgraphic-front-page2.png
According to this article it is going to be launched with a Kickstarter campaign? Actually, the Tern website confirms this. I think there is a crowdfunding category in the Forums, now. Tern has a lot of models. Not sure which one this is, without the Bosch. The 24 inch Tern would be more appealing to me with a good mid-drive motor. Suspension forks help a lot at speed over anything rough. People mention this a lot on this forum.
I've ridden this bike and it's quite comfortable. It's the best folding electric bike I have ridden to date. I think the 20" wheels with the wide tires are perfect, even in a place like Brooklyn with rough roads, this bike will perform great.

Looking forward to the launch!