Yamaha PW-SE walk assist function


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I like my BH gravel X with PW-SE motor but a major flaw is the walk assist is disabled, as on some other brands of bikes that use the Yamaha drive. I've searched the internet in vain to find a solution. It seems that Yamaha and others have implied that it is a firmware programming issue due to the end brand preferences and there isn't a way to reactivate it. But looking up the PW wiring diagram took me to Speedbox where they state that the Speedbox can be activated by the walk button unless the walk button function has been disabled. Is it possible that it is a wiring/hardware issue rather than firmware? The easiest way to disable it would seem to be to delete the pins for the violet wires in the harness connector?

I won't be able to drop the motor and check the connections for a couple weeks but I intend to check it out when I have the time.
It isn't just a minor convenience to me, a couple years ago I rode the BH heavily loaded on a 170 mile 8500 ft elevation tour in eastern Oregon. On one long steep climb I just wanted to get off the bike to walk for a mile or so and had to push the laden bike without assist, in the heat of the day. I'd use the bike more on my short tours if the walk assist function was active.

Has anyone else checked the wires and connectors on a bike with this function disabled (maybe while they were installing a speedbox)?
So much for that, I dropped the motor down, only took a few minutes.
the wiring diagram in the post above isn't for pw-x
pw-x has 5 wires instead of 7, no violet wire, and all 5 wires had pins in the connector
disappointing but not unexpected