Yamaha error 15

Hi all! Newly registered but I’ve looked on this forum before. Anyway, I have a Haibike SDuro pre-2025 with an error 15. It started after I replaced the control pad which dry rotted here in Florida. It’s the second one so this time it was easier. I power it up and error 15. I downloaded the manual as suggested and it said it was a display failure. I had doubts about that but ordered one anyway. Now I’m into like $250 for parts so I clip on the new display with high hopes and……error 15!!!😖 I dropped the motor again cleaned everything with cleaner, checked all the wires for damage and still error 15! Can anyone please help me. I’ll be happy to report all findings. Thanks! Dave
What was the outcome to this issue? Your findings as to the right course of repair & posting it up in these forums on this site benefits everybody else who owns a similar ebike........now and into the future to come.
Hey guys sorry for the delay, I just finished a couple of days ago. The whole problem was me. It’s my wife’s bike and I didn’t check it good enough. I thought it was pre 2015 but it’s a 2016 so I just had the wrong parts. The guy on eBay that I bought the display from was nice enough to let me return it and the controller and screen mount for a pre 2015 is on eBay now if anyone needs one without having to get it from Germany! If anyone wants it, contact me and I’ll make you a better deal since I won’t pay all the fees! You guys were awesome though! I couldn’t believe how fast I got replies from what I thought was an older thread!
Forum threads such as this one (and there are dozens and dozens of similar ones like this, but for different ebike brands on EBR) are completely worthless to ALL owners of that particular ebike drive brand; unless the original poster responds back to any recommendations made and their findings as to if they worked; ie, what was the outcome or if the recommendations did not work. It's not only exclusive to this Yamaha thread either. But do go to the Yamaha Known Problems Thread and there are quite a few newcomers who sign on with their issues and they promptly disappear; such as we have here. So to @Klepbeb, what was the outcome to this?

@Lopez: If the display is not working, how is the motor then be able to work as you state it (the motor) works fine for you? I'm confused.

Be advised, I put my bike into operation in April 2017. Up until today, no problems, save for one loose speed sensor magnet (fixed by tightening the magnet on the rear spoke)..........and an LCD display going "wonky" which was solved by replacing the LCD display battery. That was 2 winters ago. No problems since. 4 years of riding service. Working on 17,000 miles on the bike and ebike drive system. I take care of the bike, and pre-ride visual inspections of everything. Never put away wet, always wipe down. Never beaten the crap out of the bike. Wear parts like tires, replaced. Chain cleaned and lubed every other ride. Never store outside in the damp, the rain, the cold, the snow, or the extreme sun of summer. As reliable today as it was in April 2017. For more tips on bike maintenance and care, visit Cardailytips.com

Once you get down to what really is the problem with your bike, yours will return similar performance. Keep us informed of your findings and fixes.
I just got myself a 2017 Yamaha ex with the TR1 engine. Got it cheap due to error code 15.

15 - Incorrect Engine Temperature Sensor Signal

Which temp sensor is it for, the one on the exhaust manifold, or the one on/in the engine under the intake air manifold? I assume it says engine temp, so itll be the one under the intake manifold, but safer to ask than assume. Google has been my friend somewhat, except i dont see anyone else with this issue.

Question 2: Are there any other reasons for this error code that maybe an easier fix? Other than the connector being dirty?