Yamaha Civante part out value????


Thoughts please about used parts value to a 2022 Civante (250mile) if I part it out. I'm not sure there is much interest in it as parts but just throwing it out there and maybe someone has experience selling used bike parts.

Maybe the motor, controller, battery, wheels, and others possible to fetch 2K?
You'll probably get the best value (and expend the least effort) selling the entire bike instead of parting it out. Parting bikes out really only makes sense if a) you're trying to keep some parts for a future build, b) have a particularly valuable part that you don't really want or c) the bike has enough broken/worn out parts that you can't realistically sell it as a complete bike.
Ill check out pros closet. I would assume they will offer less than half of a new one. Maybe $1500.00. I think its worth more than that in parts. But I will check
I sold a Civante last year to them and was very happy with the offer and the entire transaction. It was well cared for, about 2000 miles on it. Just couldn’t hang with the 2X shifting.
Their offer was pretty close to my guess above. Less than half of a new one. I think its worth more in parts than that.
Well, they need to buy it at the right price so they have a profit. So the shipping both to get the bike to their warehouse and final customer comes out of the offer price. But on the other hand, seems like easy way to get rid of a bike if you dont want the hassle or a 1099 from ebay.