Xtracycle switch to using Shimano EP8 motor


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I didn't see this posted on the Xtracycle forum but I noticed for the 2022 model year Xtracycle switched from Bosch to using the Shimano EP8 motor and 630wh external battery pack for all their cargo bike models.
Hi @Dewey, I have at least one potential explanation for the switch to Shimano motors. While researching cargo bikes, I reached out to Xtracycle and they had something interesting to say about switching to Shimano. My concern was that if a motor wears out, then what? Would I have to throw out a perfectly good bike just because newer motors were redesigned and no longer fit my old frame? This was something I noticed over the last 10 years of following the ebike industry (cough Bosch cough cough).

Apparently, according to their customer service rep, Shimano will upgrade their motors without requiring a change in the node (motor mount) which would render frames obsolete. Seems like they’re saying that at least one reason why they switched was because Shimano motors will possibly be replaceable when they wear out so you can keep your bike and just replace the motor. This is important to me because bikes should last decades, including e-bikes.

My acoustic bike will be 15 this year and it’s still going strong. I’ve only replaced the lights (only - the hub dynamo is in great condition), grips, tires, and bell. Everything else is original to the bike, even the chain(1)! And while I don’t know the exact mileage, it’s probably around 10,000 miles by now (if not more). There is no reason why e-bikes should not last that long or even longer!

1. This bike has gotten me to love IGHs. I don’t think I can go back to a derailleur anymore.