Xterrain - FAT Bike


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Found this unusual asymmetrical electric fat bike design on Gizmodo web site athttp://www.gizmag.com/xterrain500-electric-fatbike/39070/ - Called Xterrain. Really like this concept as I am looking for electric bike to ride over swampy areas and beach. Youtube videos looks cool. Need feedback if anyone had tried this bike?
Riding on sand and similar takes a lot of power. Pushing that monster (heavy) front wheel is going to take a LOT Of power. As long as that's understood it would be fun. :)
yeah that would be fun! being able to ride on sand and even deep snow! have you ridden on all-terrain bikes? I think Xterrain500 is the first fat bike with such a large front wheel!
Back in the late 60's and 70's there were quite a few bikes and trikes with floatation tires like that. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki all had a fat tired bike for sand and such conditions. And lot of no name mini bikes and Briggs and Stratton powered bigger bikes.
I think you would be very disappointed in the power. There just isn't any way that .5-1hp is going to cut in pushing that huge heavy front wheel through sand. And why the "normal" rear fat tire? Would be more unique and probably work better with a floatation tire on the back too. But again, the lack of power would be large for almost everyone. JMO!!!