Which colors looks better?

We took the suggestions seriously and we will be implementing the logo design for 2023 bikes.
Many of the components had gone into production with the current logo, so we decided to keep it like that for now.

As you can see below, we are designing our own shipping boxes.
We would also consider helpful suggestions for shipping material and boxes.

I might only mention ebike in small print and make the bike more subtle so it looks more like a TV, assuming that's your goal. Maybe picture a charger or plug instead of bike?
Eager to get feedback from the community. We need to pick 2 colors out of 3 mentioned below.
Please let us know what works best: subtle green, white, or grey.



If I could only have two of them ... in an ebike lineup in a bricks and mortar store, I think I'd sell more of the green and grey. If I was selling online only and primarily though my own website I think white and grey.

White and grey would appeal to most folks (or more accurately no real issue with either, so the bikes will be sold on their other attributes). But in a competitive line up I think the green would help the bike to stand out a bit against that other competition vs. the white (plus it has a bit of a retro vibe, it takes me back to the old Bianchis). The grey is just going to appeal more to the male buyers no matter what the circumstances.
Interesting. How about grey with a bright white logo and accent? 🤔
Do what that company in California is doing, custom colors( graphics too, no big deal these days) sure its going to cost more, but!
I would buy the green to be seen , not my 1st choice while looking at it in the garage but green is for me