What should I get? The iGo Oka or the Magnum Scout


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So I have narrowed down my new bike purchase to the iGo Oka or the Magnum Scout I like both bikes but curious what others think. Here is what my thoughts are:

1. I commute 15km to the office each way winter and summer
2. I use nothing but throttle on the way to work so I don't sweat
3. It has to have rear carrier rack for my 2 Arkel bags and lunch pail
4. Fat Tire, 4" or above

Oka Pros
My partner has the iGo Discovery and I like the controller the torque and adjustable features of the controller
Because my partner has an iGo we have 2 - 14Ah Batteries, I can bring hers with me on long trips or swap them if ones dead in the morning (IE I forgot to charge mine)
Firmware is updateable
Nice small info screen off to the left leaving room in the middle for my phone
Unlock Off road mode to 45kph
I've had issues in the past and iGo fixed them with new firmware updates (Active Development)
More premium parts, Breaks and Gear changer
Front Suspension
Torque Sensor
57 lbs
9 Speed

Oka Cons
Only 500 Watt Motor
No Rear Rack ill have to install after market
No Fenders
You have to unlock off road mode every time you turn off the bike

Scout Pros
Front Suspension
19Ah Battery
Rear Rack
750 Watt Nominal motor

Scout Cons
The chain hits the kick stand and wears off paint and makes noise (5:46 review)
Cadence sensor only
Cheap hardware, breaks, gear changer
Twist throttle
Gear changer is above handle bars because twist throttle
Screen is huge for no reason
Screen is in the middle leaving no space to mount my phone
74 lbs
7 Speed
Locked to 32 KPH and will only go faster if you peddle

Would love to get other peoples opinion to add to this to help make my decision. I am leaning towards the Oka to be honest and I have one on reserve at my local shop and they are arriving in 2-3 weeks but no cost to cancel the reservation! Because my partner has an iGo I can take both battery packs if I go on a long run and have 28 Ah worth of battery plus I know and trust the iGo brand personally and know the quality of their controller
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I just got it yesterday and wow my choice was not wrong! This thing is heavy but man does it go fast! Exactly what i was looking for in a bike!