Walk Assist Mode

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My Specialized Tubo Vado walk assist mode does not work. I follow directions, but to no avail. I think the firmware is up-to-date. Any ideas?
Would love to hear more on this topic! I've had my eMTB for about a year, (Shimano Steps E5000 motor) and I cannot even figure out what "Walk" mode even means. I provisionally decided it's only for bikes with automatic transmission, but that's just a wild guess and is likely totally wrong. All I know is that I do have a "Walk" mode, but it never does anything and I don't understand how it would even work. It's a torque sensing mid-drive. It freewheels when I walk it. How would the motor know to engage without pressure to the pedals? There's something I'm missing.
I will bet the function is turned off in a display menu.
On some bikes they need to be moving for it to kick in for safety. On some you have the option to turn off the 6Km walk assist function from a menu in the display. On most of my bikes you hold the up arrow for eight second and it kicks in. With Shimano STEPS it is the down button. How fast it goes depends on what gear you are in. When you let go it turns off. If there is a torque sensor bike that is not working because the motor is not engaging Walk Assist can help diagnose the problem. If walk assist still works than the problem is the torque sensor. If Walk Assist is turned on in the display and accessed but does not work then the problem is the controller.