Voltbike Mariner Folded Carry Bag - FOUND!


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Well, I took one for the team and have ordered several bags only to returned them in order to finally find one that worked.

This bag (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A0U3DVM) seems to work great.

It is padded, but only a bit. Plenty of room for handlebars, seat, and battery inside. There are even pockets inside (but not very protected from everything else). A pocket outside, too.

Has two "handles" for carrying, but I just wanted a sort of cover for schlepping the bike(s) around in. Seems like it will be perfect.

Shipped from China, but only took about a week to receive (even over Christmas).

IMG_20170102_190643 (Small).jpg
IMG_20170102_190909 (Small).jpg
Any dimensions to the bag? Ah found some on the website.. (130 x 25 x 82cm) Could it be a little smaller on the one side? By the way thanks for biting the bullet.. :D Feel free to post more photos and updates of the bike being schlepped around and how the bag is working out hehehe.. As I discovered today, a regular taxi would likely take it inside the cab if the bike no longer threatened to destroy their interior. :rolleyes: A bike bag may be in my near future.
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Hi! so far are you happy with the bag @RayH ? Is this the same as yours?

Comparing the dimensions of the folded Mariner (39"x29"x22" (length x height x width)) with the ones of the bag (130x25x82CM) it looks like it wouldn't fit

Does the bag expand more than what is specified on the site? Or am I looking at another bag?

I would really appreciate your input, I´ve been looking for a bag for my Mariner like crazy, but no luck

Yes, that looks like it. The bag does "expand" a bit since it is so big. The bike is snug top-to-bottom, but it fits fine.