Veloretti Ace TWO battery charger Netherlands to US


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We are moving to the US from the Netherlands. My son has a Veloretti Ace TWO. I called Veloretti and they said I could use the battery charger in the US with a converter. I'm not sure that this is the case. Does anyone know if it will work? This is the battery charger. I'd rather find out now before we move back to the US because the bike is so expensive and I would hate to get it there and not be able to charge it. I'd rather sell it here before I go if that's the case.
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Voltage converters should exist that let you use EU-spec devices on 120vAC USA power sources. Look for one of those. Your charger will not step down to 120vAC on its own.

Could this work?

Yinleader 500W 230V to 110V USA Voltage Converter Toroidal Core Transformer 500VA In: 110V or 220V / Out: 110V and 220V​