Vektron S10 with Performance Line (2021) or Active Line Plus (2020)?


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Hello everyone,

i'm still playing with the idea to buy an ebike for my daily (~9km/~5mi) commuting trip.
Because of my limited storage base in my basement and the option to carry it easily with my car is the "Vektron S10" on top of my list, followed by the "Hercules Rob Fold".
It seems that for 2021 Tern upgraded the bike with a Performance Line and 500w battery, new price here 3799€.
Right now i can probably get the older version with the Active Line Plus and 400w battery for around 3100€, all prices tax incl.

To people who drive this bike and have some practical engine comparisons:
Does the Vektron gets any practical benefits from this upgrade that is worth to wait and pay ~700€ more?
With 3799€ it is in the same league with a Riese and Müller Tinker o_O
I have no experience with the Tern Vektron S10 but I am interested in it myself. I was not aware of a new model being announced and I cannot find any information about it. Do you have a link to a website?

Thank you, I can read German.

I tried the Tern Vektron S10 (2019 model, 2 years old) a week ago and while I do like the bike, I found that (i) the motor is not very powerful compared to other foldable bicycles I have tried, and (ii) when folded it cannot easily be rolled on its wheels, it creates quite a wide package where the wheels are not necessarily parallel. Given that the current model is already 2 years old and the new version has a more powerful motor, I think it may be worth the wait for the 2021 version.

The Vektron S10 is the same price as the Gocycle GX. The latter is lighter and folds nicer, allowing to roll it more easily when folded. This model was just renewed in July, so I will likely go for the Gocycle GX myself, although I quite like the look of the Vektron S10 and the fact that I can carry baskets on the rear.
This new iteration from Tern is a miss in my opinion, but still grateful that there is a manufacturer out there making institutional-backed, high quality folding bikes with proper testing and proper engines from Bosch. The Vektron is an awesome bike and should have been fitted with a belt/gear hub setup, suspension fork, and more upright position. It should be basically 85% of the HSD for people that want the cargo capacity, comfort, etc, with the ability to fold. It's already a pretty large bike when unfolded and folded (has a longer wheelbase than the R&M Tinker), why not make the folded dimensions slightly bigger, and provide us with a more integrated design and more comfort. Tern is the king of folding latches and stiff frames so they can easily do this. The S10 still comes stock with a PP400.. so we get a battery penalty with the higher torque/power motor. No learnings were taken from the BYB to provide better rolling when folded. The Vektron has so much potential but the GSD is where the real $$ is. A shame, but makes sense given that ebikes = less cars for most people. Compacts are a dying breed in the high-end pedelec space, and this gap has been filled by the cheaper $1K-$2.5K Chinese bikes.
Here are more details on the 2021 Tern upgrades from Electrek.

The latest updates to the Vektron line include new Bosch drivetrains.
  • The top-of-the-line Vektron S10 features a Bosch Performance Line motor with up to 65 Nm of torque and pedal assist up to 300%.
  • The more affordably-priced Vektron Q9 has been upgraded to a Bosch Active Line Plus motor.
  • Both motors are designed to be quieter, lighter, and more robust.
  • Those motors propel the bikes to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US, and they get an estimated range as high as 100 km (62 mi) with a 500 Wh Bosch PowerPack battery.
  • Tern managed to maintain similar price points for the Vektron line, with the Vektron Q9 starting at $3,199 and the Vektron S10 starting at $3,699.


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Everything updated but the drive train...not interested in a derailleur e-bike anymore. When will they listen.
A belt drive....why have a folding bike that you place inside your vehicle with a oily chain. I would have taken it with a less powerful motor and an upgraded display.
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I'm not in the market for a bike like this, but if I were not having a derailleur and chain would be a big plus.
My wife loved the adjustable Andros stem on the Vektron we test ride last year, it was already a very good ebike, now better able to climb hills.
I'm not in the market for a bike like this, but if I were not having a derailleur and chain would be a big plus.

The GoCycle has a fully enclosed clean chainguide and interally geared hub.