Vanmoof S3 and X3 e-bikes announced


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The previous generation of each bike was priced at $3,398, but the new VanMoof S3 and X3 will be available for $1,998. VanMoof attributes the price drop to its supply chain efficiency and growth in size over the past few years. Originally founded in 2009 as more of a boutique bike company, VanMoof now has brand stores around the world in cities including New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, Taipei, London, and San Francisco. VanMoof has since sold over 100,000 bikes. The company even reported a nearly 50% jump in sales since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, with more people than ever self-isolating at home and looking for a way to remain active while still avoiding crowded places.
Now VanMoof is hoping to further capitalize on the boost in cycling with its next-generation e-bikes.

VanMoof S3 article:

It's a nice clean design, however, I would have a major issue with the 4-speed hub when climbing hills and the small plastic gears don't inspire confidence. ;)


"But actually using the bike day to day teases out some drawbacks, specifically about power and the “more things to fail” type of complexity. My biggest issue was the auto-gearing. In theory, I could get used to auto gearing and after about a week I was OK with it – when it was working. But then when the gearing was wrong, like opposite high/low gear going up/down hills, I’d have to jump off the bike or use throttle only. Like all software issues, VanMoof said they were still updating the software on the gearing and the final version of the bike would have the problem worked out.

If I didn’t live in the mountains, I would have loved this bike. Not just the look and feel but also as a techie, I think the company is doing some revolutionary things. But the bottom line for me is that heading out to my mountainous commute, I didn’t want to take the VanMoof over a dumb ebike, that I had to gear myself, and that just worked."
Yes. I thought that "automatic transmission" was interesting... also ventless disc brakes.