New VanMoof e-bike details leak: Lower price, better parts, electronic shifting


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VanMoof was planning to unveil their highly anticipated next-generation VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bikes later this month. But thanks to a new leak, we’re already getting an early look at the details. And boy are those details promising, as they show a pair of new VanMoofs sporting a wide array of upgrades. Better, cheaper, faster… Well, not faster. But certainly the first two are true!
The new VanMoof Electrified S3 and X3 were originally set for an unveiling on April 21, but new leaks are showing us the details early, as first seen on Reddit. The landing page for the new bikes was apparently visible in the code sent in a recent VanMoof email newsletter. From the landing page, we can learn a number of new specs.

First of all, there’s a major price drop. Early indications are that the price will begin at $1,998 and €1,998. Despite the lower price, the bikes actually feature a number of upgrades and higher-end components than the previous generation. VanMoof has apparently contributed the simultaneous drop in price and improvement in components to a more efficient supply chain and larger production volume that has seen VanMoof transition from a smaller boutique company into a much larger e-bike manufacturer.

The S3 and X3 are expected to feature hydraulic disc brakes (upgrades over the previous generation’s mechanical disc brakes), electronic shifting via the enclosed rear hub shifter, an upgraded saddle and an improved front hub motor. The previous generation of bikes featured either a 250W or 500W motor, depending on the market of sale. There is no indication yet on the power rating of the new motor, though it is likely to be equivalent due to regulatory requirements that limit the power output of electric bicycles.



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