Using a kid's trail-a-bike with the XP 3.0?


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I'm wanting to get an ebike for commuting and kid hauling. While a cargo bike (like the xpedition) would work I would ideally like to have my 7 year old pedaling along instead of just sitting there. Plus, I like the portability of a folding bike.

Anybody have any insight on using a trailer bike that attaches via seat post? Is it feasible or an exercise in futility?
I'm certain you would want to keep the speed down to around 10mph and take corners even slower. Personally I would never do it. Never used one, but always wondered about how wonky they get in a turn.
Yes, I have hooked the same one up to a 26" fat tire ebike, a 20" fat tire ebike like the XP 3.0, a 20" fwd minivello. and a 26" FWD cruiser bike. On our local loop, we would hit 18-19 mph going down our only hill but it was all bike path at 12 ,mph. I thought it was quite stable, and getting started with throttle made it pretty easy.
We started in 2019 and used it thru September 2021 when oir grandkid learned to ride her own bike.
Some good times. I think she put in some serious push from the rear wheel. I had that little green bike pulling 300 lbs on 20" wheels with skinny tires and a tiny motor.


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