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Thanks for including Velec in your reviews Cort. A year into my Velec R48M, I can say the bike has definitely met my expectation for a comfortable-mileage (my ass gives out before the battery does), responsive bike. (180 lb rider, usually level 1/2 assistance, live in Vail, CO - valley flat, serious mountains around). Eg ride - Edward to top of Vail pass and back, 60 mi round trip, still some juice in the tank. ONLY drawback is it's a bit heavy, so I'm looking at racks to replace my KUAT and thanks for the great review of the Thule XT. Re: performance - my experience: reliably 50 miles/charge with plenty left to get home (up a hill, 1.4 miles, + 1200 feet, level 4, passing the macho 24-gear guys regularly - they sneer but secretly lust for electrons - and did I mention I'm 72 lol). IMO, bottom line, feature for feature, this bike just works - shop around: you can pay a couple grand more for the same features, but ...well, its your $$. Sadly, Velec has come out with (2019) a new, much lighter model that I'm lusting for, but I can get a new rack most economically. We need a previously-owned ebike sales location. How would that be for a revenue opportunity Cort?