Upgrading from Intuvia to Nyon - Bosch


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Hey guys,

I was wondering what it would take to upgrade from the Bosch Intuvia display to the Nyon. The Nyon system can be bought online everywhere, but can you retrofit it yourself or do you need to pay a visit to the dealer and have him do it? Anyone know?
Don, I thought you were buying an Sduro/Yamaha combo, judging by your other posts. Did you change your mind and opt for a Bosch powered bike?

Yes I did. I tried the CX motor and must say I was very impressed. The Yamaha motor is not a bad motor by any means, but I liked the CX motor better. It's more responsive and to me feels more integrated, than the Yamaha.
Don't bother. I did just this and used very few of the extra functions. I sent it back to Bosch for a white screen of death repair and later it fell off bike, as not good for mtbing. I now have the puion and Garmin 820 and couldn't be happier.