upgrading Batteries


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Hi, I currently running a basic 24v battery system with a 15amp circuit. 2 12v @ 12 amps each. these power a 300 watt hub motor. These are your basic SLA batterys. I would like to upgrade to a lithium battery and would like to know if I would or even can use a 36v 15ah lith battery or what would be a good match.
There was a Trailz or something that had a 24 v motor. You might find some discussion of that or some other specific 24 volt motor on EndlessSphere, regarding a bump to 36v. There are 24 volt LiFePO4 batteries out of China. Most are shrink wrapped, no real case. There are some vendors with decent feedback on Ebay. The 'free' shipping tends to be slow (ocean freight) and it's probably not HazMat shipping. The battery chemistry is one of the safest. The chargers can be very low quality.
Take a picture of the controller.. There might be a label telling you the voltage and amperage range.. If you buy a 36v battery, the voltage hot off the charger will be around 44v.. And that might be too much for your controller.. You could always buy a new controller... but that gets more involved.