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This is going to be a short- content thread.
My 2019 M2S(brand) R750 hard tail, 750w BaFang rear hub beast (aka WhiteyFord) now has 12,633 total, and totally FLAT-FREE, miles on the odometer. This magnificent beast recently required a change of the tire combo from the 26”x3” DURO(brand) BeachBum 3-tire setup (my summer recipe) to the 26”x4” KENDA(brand) Juggernaut 3-tire setup (my winter setup).
As all bike riders know, when “thread” starts to show through on the tire tread, it is definitely time for a tire swap-out or prepare for the inevitable flat tire and, if on the rear wheel of a rear hub ebike, a not-at-all fun experience-- especially if occurring trail side.
In this most recent “thread exposure” incident, I decided (due to the 3-tire combo setup) to just keep on riding until?? I managed to ride an additional 400 miles. It took that many miles for the rear tire to attain the appearance shown in the photo's below. Even during that time frame, I never carried any tire repair/patch/air pump equipment.
Since winter was soon to make an arrival, I finally decided, the week after Thanksgiving, to just go ahead and perform the evil tire swapping deed. However, I wanted folks to see just how well the 3-tire combo recipe actually works.
That's it for the 26” fat tire situation.

Now on to the 20” fat tire ebike and its most excellent tire option.
I recently purchased this 2021 ebike: https://arielrider.com/products/x-class-52 I won't go into specifics on this site (M2S) about that bike-- though I do have a few threads posted over on the ARIEL site: https://electricbikereview.com/forums/forum/ariel-rider/
M2S also offers a 20” fat tire tire ebike (the SCOUT) .https://shop.m2sbikes.com/collections/frontpage/products/all-terrain-scout
After all, both the SCOUT and the X52 come equipped with exactly the same KENDA tire. I am going to go ahead and include the following info (and a photo, too):
You will need to order size 16x3. Motorcycle tires are formatted differently than bicycle tires (go figure).
Instead of utilizing the multi-tire combo that I used for 26” fat tires, this nifty knarly motorcycle tire is the way to go. Remember that it is designed to be used on a 400 pound motorcycle. On my 80 pound X52 modified ebike, I should easily attain a mileage of 10-12,000 miles on the rear wheel between changes. And the tread is a real spoiler. Absolutely awesome to look at and to ride on. Bring on the snow!!
[SideNote] In hindsight, I should have purchased the M2S SCOUT instead of the ARIEL X52 ebike. But, chit happens.. Life goes on.. If I ever find a buyer for the X52, I will buy the M2S SCOUT in a New York minute. Why?? Because the SCOUT, with its step-thru frame (and its Reention Dorado brand model/type of battery), is perfect for me and my riding style ( I actually like to pedal). Can you say “height adjustable seat post”?
The only change I would make, besides adding the aforementioned motorcycle tire, is to replace the 38-tooth front chain ring with a 56 or 58 tooth ring. As an actual pedaler, that modification makes all the difference in the world. It would also require a longer chain. But, no big deal at all. Easy Breezy.
Another option in regards to the motorcycle tire setup: only install it on the rear wheel. Use the former (original) rear tire on the front wheel after the current front tire wears down. Of course, you would then need to resort to carrying tire repair items or going to a multi-tire combo on the front. Kind of a case of diminishing returns, though, because those extra tires are gonna cost some $$, too.
Well, that's it for this thread. For now.
Happy Holidays.


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Wow, thanks for the link, too much good stuff 😁 I may follow your 2 tire formula 👍
Me again.
I recall that you once sent me a private message concerning the too-rapid acceleration of your ebike beast. The addition of my multi-tire combo recipe should be an aid in slightly slowing down initial acceleration concerns (due to the extra weight of the additional tires). However, your 28+mph throttle-only speed will not be affected. My two M2S beasts start out slow (but not too slow) enough so as to not be hot rods. And, once they get going, I can tell no reduction in performance. Also, you might consider 3 tires on the rear wheel and only 2 tires on the front wheel. Lots of good options.
My 2018 M2S Kush is about to hit 20,000 miles this month. It has been in multi-tire combo recipe mode since mile #2,500. No flats at all since mile #2,500. My 2019 M2S R750 hardtail is rapidly approaching 13,000 miles (also during this month) and it has been multi-tire combo since mile#0. So, a total of 30,500 flat-free miles pretty much says that "the proof is in the puddin' "..
Later tater.