Two New Trekking's - need advice on a few things


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Hi All,
New guy here. Got too chicken to ride the motorcycle so I picked up a couple of "New" Trekking RX's on "closeout" for me and my wife. Only a couple of rides so far but LOVE them. They are a 2016 and a 2015.
Question 1: I would like to get panniers/bags for them. The 2016 has a Cannondale Carry More rack. It appears that this line has been discontinued? At least I am finding it difficult to find the adapter plate, and most places are "out of stock" for bags. Should I buy a different system? I want to start small for now, and I don't want to invest in something that we can't grow into.
Question 2: The 2015 appears to have mounts on the rear frame for a bike lock. If so, what kind, and is it something I should consider? I did buy a couple of Kryptonite U Locks. Okay for my needs, but I could see a wheel lock being a handy addition.
Question 3: One battery was made in 2014, the other in 2015. I understand I have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, but I have no good baseline to judge it from. I'm sure this has been discussed a bunch, and there is a lot of variables that go into battery life, but I am interested to hear opinions here. Does the battery have to be dead dead for a warranty claim, or is there a discharge level that is considered not acceptable and covered by warranty. Naively, I thought they grabbed a new battery off the shelf when the bike is sold. Has anyone had their Bosch battery replaced? If so please elaborate.


Yes, as JayVee mentioned, I have found an adapter plate on Ebay Germany and ordered it, received it and am very happy with it. I am puzzled why it was so hard to get but a little persistence helped. Knowing German helped me.
I got it from who will ship to USA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
The part is XLC Adapterplatte carry more, passend fur XLC Systemgepacktrager and with the shipping it was about 25 dollars. Its nicely made from a structural plastic and can easily be bolted to or through the bottom of any bike bag and thus fit the neat I-fit system that you have on your carriers/racks.
I had to show some resourcefulness to get the plate but frankly it works nicely so I guess its worth it. Using velcro straps to hold a bag on to the carrier is for the birds.
Thanks Piper,

I will probably just get a more current rack rather than go on a scavenger hunt. I did some digging and found answers to my other questions also.