Turbo Vado 5 Stem Replacement


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I purchased Satori UP3 stem and it provides better reach and riding position for me but the satori stem style does not match the OEM egg shaped specialized stem style.

When i was looking at Satori options available on amazon there was the Satori UP2+ but only the 110mm length was listed and not the 65mm and even though it looked like same shape as OEM stem it uses round spacers and the head tube cap is different shape. The specialized spacers are keyed.

Is there an adjustable stem that matches the turbo vado 5 style or do i replace the head tube cap and spacers as well?

I purchased Satori UP3 stem and it provides better reach and riding position for me but the satori stem style does not match the OEM egg shaped specialized stem style.
I think the Vado 5.0 steerer tube follows the A-HEAD standard, that is, the 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) steerer tube diameter and 31.8 mm handlebar clamp. What you need to do is to remove the existing stem (and also remove the handlebars from it). Then you need to get several standard spacers, place one or two below, install the Satori stem (tighten it but not fully yet), make up the remaining steerer tube space with more spacers, and eventually place the new cap and tighten it with the vertical bolt going though the cap.

Ideally, the top spacer should be aligned with the steerer tube top end. It is important that the new cap is supported by the steerer tube end but not by any spacer (it is the steerer tube to transfer the forces not the spacer). Eventually, install the handlebars, and after all these action tighten all the bolts accordingly.

While all that is tricky, it is perfectly doable. There is, however, another issue.

Specialized e-bike stems have the display and headlight mounts integrated. Now, how would you like to relocate the display and the headlight? Hint: The display uses a Garmin mount while the headlight is mounted in a GoPro mount.

Quite recently, I replaced the stem on an older Vado, and the matter of relocating the display was the most tricky (I used a handlebar Garmin mount to the side of the new stem). I had a similar issue on a Vado SL (which has no display) but I had to relocate the headlight to a GoPro out-front mount...

Hope that helps!
Yes that is right Stefan.

I reused the oem specialized stem spacers which I will replace with round spacers next trip in or online, as the oval spacers don't blend in well with over appearance.

Also, the spacers I believe tend to spin over time naturally while the oem spacers are keyed for a locked position, I'm guessing. Due to oval design of the oem spacers and my attempt to align them to the front for cleaner look, the spacers did shift while out for a ride.

On my first ride with this stem replacement, it was absolutely perfect in terms of comfort level I was hoping to achieve as the only issue was the reach and lower riding position causing some neck pain after long rides.

Its hard to believe what a few minor adjustments can do for the ride! Great!

My earlier question for anyone that may have the Vado 5 and purchased the Satori UP2+ stem is if the spacers were the same oval shape as the specialized oem spacers on the bike?



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One final note on the Satori UP3 stem replacement, soon after purchase I had hoped the the handlebar clamp was so bulky that I would not be able to center the display. Fortunately this was not the case as you can tell from previous pictures.