Turbo Vado 3 new chainring and bolts


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I need to replace the chainring of my Vado 3 MY 2021 (9-speed) but I am a bit confused reading all the threads regarding chainring replacements and what bolts and size I would need to order for a Deckas chainring. I will stay with the 104 tooth, so the question is if I can use a DECKAS 104BCD 40T NW Single Chainring for 8/9/10/11-Speed in combination with the following RocRide bolts: 7mm Thread Depth - 10mm External Width - Use for Hole Depths of 5-9mm? and what's best, Aluminim or steal bolts? Can I also still use the original chainring guard by drilling new holes into the Deckas chaninring or would this change anything in the size of the chainring bolts I would need.

Of course I will also replace the cassette and chain. I have now around 2600 km on the bike.

Can someone please point me into the right direction?

Many thanks.
The 104 BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) chainring from Deckas is OK. Now, you need these bolts:
Select the silver ones, as these are made of steel.

You will also need a chainring bolt nut wrench:

When replacing the chainring, you might need to remove the motor cover to get some space at the rear of the spider but that's easy.

You will probably need to ride without the chainguard. If you can buy the original Praxis chainring then you do not need the new bolts, or nut wrench, and you would be able to use the existing chainguard.
Many thanks Stefan, I will order the parts as suggested. The nut wrench I already have. I will report back once I get the parts delivered.
Maybe for those interesting own a Turbo Vado 3 from end of 2020 new model year 2021 with Alivio 9-speed. It seems Specialized used another spider for this model compared to older Vado 3 as well as the Vado 4 and 5. The chainring guard and chainring are all together mounted with the 4 chainring bolts. So there are no additional holes and screws for the chainring guard. So it was a straight one to one replacement of the chainring.