Turbo review

Good review. I would still suggest a set of Kool-Stop brake pads, These completely change the quality of the Formula C1 brakes. Also, a change to an 11-36 SRAM rear cassette maintains the "speed" but jelps out a lot on the hills, especially if you don't want to have to ride a full TURBO.
Thanks for the pad suggestion @Douglas Ruby
I have no issues with the gearing, seems perfect to me. I'd just love more power of course... Hoping the Vado can offer the best of both.
Artistic, eh? =) Nice review. Glad you are enjoying your new Turbo. I use mine for commuting too, but the best accessory I've purchased (actually, I had it before the TurboX) was a cargo trailer. All those short trips to the grocery store by car are a thing of the past! Keep riding. Sounds like you'll be raking adding up the kilometers in no time!
@Douglas Ruby I have finally gotten around to installing the Koolstop pads. I was surprised to see that my elCheapo Brand X pads were still good after 1500km. But the Koolstops are much much quieter.