Turbo Creo: Anyone have Experience with Salty Roads during the Winter?


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How well sealed are the Specialized Turbo Creo's battery and engine compartments? Here in the northeast, our roads are frequently salted during the winter. I had issues with corrosion on my Bulls EVO, not only where the battery makes contact - relatively easy to clean - but deep in the inner workings where the electrical system interfaces with the motor. My LBS speculated that the most likely cause was winter riding. Anyone have experience with the Turbo Creo when riding during the winter, specifically in the colder regions? Thanks!
The Creo battery is well sealed, with the addition of being inside the frame. I have 3 main batteries where I have picked up bargains from Ebay and I have never found any muck of dirt on the battery. The UK has cold damp muddy winters and used salted roads. Never seen it effect the battery in a corrosion manner
we don’t have salted roads here, but i did accidentally ride my creo through a few salt water floods, up to the cranks, and the bike survived with no ill effects at all. wouldn’t recommend it, but the bike is well designed.