Try Felt and Specialized. Any comment on Stromer...?

luc leblanc

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I'm thinking about electric bike since a few months. The distance from home to job is 26km (16 miles) in each direction. So a total of 52km per day. We have shower installation at the office. Cool.

I try a FELT and a SPECIALIZED, one week each. I like the "energy control" on the FELT with 4 levels. The display is alos easy to read. It's not the case with the specialized. And the energy control il less intuitive. The day one I ran out of battery because the bike was in full mode.

I read about the stromer. It's look to be a good bike. I didn't have the opportunity to test it.
I alos read about the CUBE. There's a lot of bike. Of course, I'll choose one with dealer and services in my city.

I sell my car. I use the public transportation to go to the job. It's around 60 minutes.
With the electric bike, I make the distance in 65-70 minutes.
So I think I'm ready to switch :)

Comments or suggestions will be appreciate ?

Best thing is to do what you have been. Try out the bikes.

It is great that your commute would be the same either way... get your exercise, and save on bus fares.

Keep us informed!
I'm getting my Bulls e-bike tomorrow - their brose mid-drive bikes (same as the specialized levo, not sure which spec you rode...) come with a 650wh battery that would probably go back and forth to your work two days without a charge. I was on their site last night and noticed that they have a dealer in montreal.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

this is the dealer site, not sure if you've been to this shop...:

Looks like they carry haibike as well, which would be another viable option in Montreal which can be hilly in the city (my dad was born in Sherbrooke and most of his side of my family live in Montreal so I know it at least a little!). I have a haibike Sduro, which I highly recommend you give a go if you want an e-bike that feels closer to riding a regular bike.
Stromer is a very good bike, very strong performance. Almost more on the moped end of the scale versus most ebikes. Super stiff and well built. Super stiff ride too.
Probably a superb city commuter, I found others more pleasing to ME, more "bike like" in the performance area.
The Trek line of bicycles includes both Bosch and Shimano based drive systems. I just purchased a Trek xm700+ and I'm thrilled with the ease of use. If you have a local Trek dealer you should give this a look.