Checking in at 1K


Hey Everyone,

I want to celebrate my T10+ reaching it's first milestone at 1000 miles. Purchased in September 2023, I have a long list of things I love about this bike, from its fire engine red paint job to its zippy motor that eats up my 16 mile commute in less than 50 minutes on most days. Functionally it's a 1:1 replacement for my previous bike, a 2020 Specialized Vado 5.0, which I had to move on from because of reliability issues with the Brose motor and other components. One thousand miles is probably insufficient for a full evaluation of the reliability of the Gazelle and its Bosch motor, but it's certainly been trouble free so far. One notable feature is the performance of the Schwalbe tires--I encounter a lot of debris on my route over the Dumbarton Bridge and flats were a frequent occurrence on my previous bike (averaging one flat every 600 miles).

These bikes are still available in my area for $1000 less than MSRP and even though they don't have the newest, shiniest Bosch motor system with App integration it's a great time to jump on one of these.

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I figured a little positive feedback was warranted in our sleepy neck of the woods. As a refugee from the much more lively Specialized forum I'm wondering if Gazelle owners are awash in quiet satisfaction for the most part.
Was not there an old commercial: "Nobody will fire you for buying an IBM"?
Nobody would condemn you for buying a Gazelle. These are good e-bikes.
I have been very impressed with Gazelle bikes. I purchased a medium frame Gazelle Ultimate T10+ from Upway but have not been able to use it yet. The deal was too good to pass up and Upway's inventory on the bike was limited. Technically I fit into the large frame but after a lot of research I think the medium frame will serve me well. I was able to ride a medium Ultimate T10+ before purchase. Unfortunately, I also had rotator cuff surgery in early January (a week before it arrived). It will be a while yet before I can actually ride it. I also live in the mountains of Colorado and we have a lot of snow.
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