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I need a good Park Trueing stand ,and axle that can slide through St2 motor and support wheel so I can do spoke trueing. Thanks in advance. Ran over a scrap circiut board, caused flat and maybe more damage.
Thanks ,ok looks like a nice one. Just read Jobst Brandts ( The Complete Wheel ) quite informative, and want to start lacing ,that stand will sure help. Thanks again.
@David1 , spend a few bucks and get the best truing stand you can afford. It really makes a difference. Better stands like the higher end Park stands can be adjusted in several ways to better fit a wheel. Kudos to you for tackling truing. It will help keep that drive wheel with the motor in better shape. Make sure you know the correct tension for that specific wheel, more tension is not better. You don't want to put extra stress on the rim or spoke nipples from over tightening. That's also a common cause for some creaking sounds hub motor bikes can make. Conversely, too loose tension will set you up for broken spokes! Thus the investment in a tension meter.
Thankyou Ann for the tips. One question with such short spokes on my St2 hub motor , will a tension meter still be able to measure spokes tension ?
David, the tension meter should still be able to do it's job, although it is more difficult to use on extremely short spokes. A rather old fashioned method (and useful if you've got to tighten a loose spoke on the road) is to tap a properly tensioned spoke with something metal - maybe the spoke wrench :D and listen to that 'ting' sound. It will have a specific pitch that is a rough way to check tension. Note that spokes in the rear are 2 different lengths to account for the offset of a cassette or freewheel, so the slightly shorter spokes on the cassette side will have a little higher pitch.
Thanks everyone for all the advice on Truing stand . Off to Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs this summer for 5 day basic training course , can't wait. Just went to 2 day training at LEVA Institute School in Fort Myers Florida. I really learned alot. If you can go that is very informative. Getting some good learning lately.

Let the good times roll !
Agreed @David1, the LEVA & Barnett School courses are both invaluable. They will make the learning curve a lot shorter :). Sounds like you're on the road to a successful ebike tech career.