Trek Verve + 2 chain is constantly slipping.

I’m extremely disappointed that the Verve+ has this continuing stupid issue. That said, I’m glad I talked my wife into getting the Allant+7 Lowstep instead. Considerably more pricey but trouble-free so far.
Good luck to all!
Please advise source for ring and pedals - I see you are in Canada ?

Bontrager makes a similar pedal for not much different cost in Canada… I would go with it if your dealer has it. The grip screws on mine are rusting a bit.
Chain slipped again on my Verve +2 and 15 minutes later on the roadside with a multi tool it was reset. I had Trek install the narrow wide (NW) chainring a few months back and seemed to work fine until the other day.

I returned home, removed the right pedal, pulled the funky OEM chainguard off and banished it to the recycle bin. I am looking into the after market chainguard discussed here.

Even with the modified NW chainring I have come to the conclusion that chain slips are going to occur, normal happenstance with a bicycle, and they will continue to occur. What is abnormal is that it shouldn't take 15 minutes and a multi tool to reset. Losing the chainguard also makes chain, cassette and chainring maintenance infinitely simpler.

Dropped off our bikes to have chain re-installed and my wife's bike checked.
The Trek dealer assures me he has a fix and it will not happen again......He advised me against removing the chain guard
Dropped off our bikes to have chain re-installed and my wife's bike checked.
The Trek dealer assures me he has a fix and it will not happen again......He advised me against removing the chain guard
I appreciate the dealer’s stance, but it can be pointed out that of the Trek brand ebike lineup, only the Verve models have a chain guard like this (and some Electras). All others have no guard at all or a ring guard such as on the Allants. Chains will come off occasionally, and the original guard on the Verve makes this a major production. Without it, re-installation can take just a few seconds.
Just my opinion, but no one, including a Trek tech, can guarantee that a bicycle will never have a chain slip...get it in writing/speak into my microphone dealio on that conversation! I have had the fix he mentioned and afterwards my chain slipped.

My take is the only reason for having the chainguard is to prevent clothing from getting caught in the chain. I have never had this happen to me but chain slips, yes. The chainguard does not protect the mid drive motor since it is factory sealed and it certainly does not provide much of a chain guide, hence all the chain slips. I can see no functional reason for having it. Also, between you and me, I think it looks rather crappy/chintzy. I actually like the look of my bike with it off, it looks more like a real bike and less like a Cadillac Escalade.

As mentioned previously the Verve models are the only one in the Trek e bike line to have this. I think the Trek designers were perhaps looking at the Verve as a commuter bike and the chainguard is to protect someone's silk pants on their way to work. For me, this was not a concern so off it came.

Just my 2 cents
Thanks Howard, I have instructed the Dealer to leave the guard off and he has reluctantly agreed.
I will purchase the Amazon one mentioned above if it looks like I will need it, will ride with no guard for a while.
Having the same issue here. My other half rides this bike but I took it out today for a 30 km ride and the chain popped off the front chainring twice! Was a bugger to get back on.
I contacted both Trek and my local Bike Shop (where I bought it) in tandem.

My bike shop says that they have the part "in stock" and its a "chain stop plastic piece".

I questioned Trek on what the fix is and they said the current fix is a "chain guide that attaches to the motor cover".

So what happened to the Double-Wide thing you guys are all getting? I don't want to get some crappy band-aid fix that is going to wear out in a year.
I feel for you. This is unacceptable in ANY Trek! I’ve had chains come loose a time or two but I’ve never owned a bike with any kind of consistent slippage issue. IMO, Trek needs to fix this permanently or work an exchange for an Allant In these cases.
Dunno Canard, first I've heard of a chain stop plastic piece for a chain guard. I've never heard of a plastic piece used as a chain guide and would like to know how this gets properly attached to the motor cover.....this all sounds very sketchy to me.

Sounds like you are working thru an LBS and not a Trek shop. If so, suggest calling your nearest Trek shop, explain the situation to them and ask if they are familiar with this plastic chain guide.

Please report back, I'm interested in hearing about this, best of luck.
Both Trek and my Local Bike Store are telling me the same story, that the current fix is a plastic chain guide.

I've asked for a detailed explanation (photos/diagrams) but the Trek representative I've been liaising with is off until Tuesday.

If I had to guess, their cost (Trek's) for a chainring was $100, but this chain guide piece is $5... and if they both do about the same thing (shut up the customer) then they took the quick and easy route.
Trek provided me with some screenshots of parts of the current bulletin:



I'm due to have this done on Thursday so I'll report back after that.
Thanks Canard!
Very interesting....its not clear in their schematic as to the attachment detail for the new plastic chain guide. Does this get attached with the M4 threading screw to the chainguard, chainring or motor? It appears that this will be a 'fix' to chain slippage but it also appears that the OEM chainguard is to be left in place. This is where I think the problem is with this design. Chains are gonna slip, perhaps even with this 'fix' and the weak link (get it?) in this set up is with the chainguard and the difficulty in resetting a slipped chain with the OEM chainguard in place. Slips are gonna happen..
Please do report back, inquiring minds...and best of luck.
It's a thread-forming screw which goes into the Bosch motor. Presumably a pre-existing hole in the casting (which is not tapped).

I would respectfully disagree that "all chains slip" - on my 4 current bikes the Verve+ is the only one which routinely has the chain jump off the drive sprocket. A properly designed drivetrain will never have this issue.
My Trek Allant+7 has never had that happen with over 1200 miles.
Hasn’t happened in over 6500 km on my Verve +3 either. The chain has come off a couple of times due to a stick lodged in the system, but with the OEM chain guard removed, it’s a quick fix.
Perhaps the Verve+ 3 has the fixes implemented from the start at the factory (i.e., correct chainring, chain guide, etc.) which have attributed to your positive experience?

From the pictures it appears the chain guard is the same (difficult to remove) design, which requires the crank arm to come off first:

Verve+ 2:


Verve+ 3: