Trek dual sport+


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My wife is considering a Trek dual sport+, but we are having some difficulty finding any actual user reviews or a review from Court. (Please review this model when you get a chance, Court. Your reviews are the best bike, not just ebike, reviews I have seen.) I believe this model uses a 250 watt Shimano Steps systems, hydraulic brakes, a Shimano Deore, 10 speed cassette and front suspension with a lockout. The Trek website (which is less informative than it should be) doesn't list the battery wattage or the motor size, or whether the chainring is 38T or 44T. According to the Shimano website, the Steps ship with either a 418 or a 504 watt battery and a 38T or 44T chainring. Does anyone know which battery and chainring comes stock on a dual sport+ and whether you can order a Trek with 504W battery?

She is considering a Trek due to the fact that while ebikes are not currently carried by our LBS, it is a Trek dealer. They say they can order the bike for her and she could take the bike back to them if there were problems with the electric components. Even though the LBS does not have a dual sport+ in stock, she could get sized on a similar Trek frame. While I would not expect the LBS to make the repairs to electric components, they could get in touch with Trek or Shimano to figure out any problems.

Along those lines, has anyone used or have hands on knowledge of the Shimano diagnostic system? Does the system allow the user or LBS to generate a diagnostic report that could pinpoint a problem before shipping the motor or bike back to Trek, similar to the Bosch diagnostic system?

Shimano's website FAQ contains the following:

Q: Is there a diagnostic tool?
A: Yes. With the SM-PCE1 the SHIMANO STEPS bike can be connected to the PC via USB port. You can do settings, firmware update and diagnostics.

Another question is whether anyone is familiar with Trek's marketing/sales system. I haven't found an online dealer that will sell this (or any Trek ebike) for less than the full list price. Any idea on where or how or if we could obtain a discount on a Trek ebike?