Trek Domane + type bike VS Stromer bikes?


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Anyone with a Stromer, especially ST2-S or ST5, also have experience with the lightweight and lower power speed bikes like the Domane + lineup?
The 2023 Domane + with TQ motor seems like a real winner. Anyone with TQ experience?
I find most mids loud compared to Stromer hub so that supposed quiet TQ is intriguing.

Former high mileage road cyclist, Serotta, converted to E biker.

Those lightweight speed merchants have an appeal BUT those 35 mm max tires (approx) on today’s worsening roads at 28 mph….. how is that working?
Wish test rides were available.

Thanks for any experience you can share.
No experience with either but the answer is clear anyway.
A Stromer is like a mini-motorcycle. Heavy, fast, and the motor does the most of work. Need to commute? A Stromer is not a bad idea at all.
The new Domane+ with the TQ motor? It is a road e-bike; or the gravel e-bike (depending on the version). You would not use a carbon fibre road/gravel e-bike for commuting. Relatively low motor power and relatively small battery require real pedalling from you, putting your effort in. 35 mm tyres? Too wide for a real roadie thing, acceptable for gravel. You do not ride a road bike on wide tyres... Light weight? Good for climbing although steep hills could be a challenge. Drop bars? Certainly good aerodynamically, especially for riding against headwind.

Two totally different e-bikes, each for different purpose.

As I said, no experience with either but I ride a Vado 5.0 (a heavy, powerful commuter e-bike) and a Vado SL, a lightweight, low power/small battery e-bike, so I can tell the difference. As I also tested a Creo (a road e-bike similar to Domane+), I think I could add my two cents :)