Trek Domane hp+

Hornet II

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Thats my bike for nearly 2000 miles. I love the ride and ability to ride with my old group if buddies. I have some muscle issues and could not keep up like I used to. I love being able to pull everyone into a stiff headwind and hold pace. They have learned to love it to.
I do have an irritating issue with the bike having incorrect speed and odo readings. See below.
Please advise the best place to post these concerns.
I have a domane hp + and Trek just sent me a replacement. I have had trouble with incorrect speedo and odo readings. The bike computer registered fast compared to my garmin and other riders. My assist cut out at 26.5 mph. Trek tried to fix it. When unable, they found a newer bike in stock and swapped me. Unfortunately the problem is the same. Anyone else have this issue? Am I the only one with a garmin on my bike? Otherwise I would never have known. Except the bike shows .5 miles more than anyone else on a 30 mile ride.

thats typical you can make the tire size smaller and it will help. but as you see its cutting out before 28 no matter what.