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there's a guy in the DC area who has an ebay page and a CL ad, for $100, he'll take you console and motor and un-do the speed limit.

anyone used this service?

i read about a german device claiming to o the same thing, but have seen both positive and negative post about that.
i just used the "guy"in the dc area to remove the speed limiter from my 2012 BionX PL350 48V while i was in the city visiting. the major purpose of this is to eliminate the sharp cut-off of assistance at 20mph, not to go fast. all i can say is wow what a difference it makes. the bike now feels very natural around this speed just like the system performs at lower speeds. i just have to resist the temptation to do so, since energy usage goes up with the square of the speed depleting the battery far more quickly. all in all worth spending the $.
Is anyone still receiving bionx and unlocking them? I too have 500watt bionx that I would love even more if that cut off was eliminated.
Actually if you know about soldering a bit and can follow simple (but at times weird) instructions you can DIY.

1) Manual and software
2) AVR CAN Module - 36 Euro
3) Pair of connectors - HR30-6J-6P, HR30-6P-6S
4) About of 1.5 hours of time and some luck! :)

My KTM ecross (250w) has been limited to 25km/h and now it is 35. Technically you can set what ever you like.



Happy (and fast) riding!

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@Sergeyt22, your first link does not go to any manual or software, you just duplicated a link to a sales site for a module that looks nothing like your image.
Max speed you can go with D500 with the unlocking tool?

The motor winding is optimized up to 28-29 mph (48 volts), above that speed the torque and mechanical power drops precipitously.

Justin happened to profile this motor in his ebike simulator. You can make some changes, like changing wheel diameter, controller setting, effort contribution, etc... , and know exactly what to expect using the simulation.

At cruising speeds from 17 mph all the way to top speed, the motor operates at near peak efficiency (>83 percent). This is ideal for commuting (just like most hub drives).
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