This is caution NOTICE for all Warthog Bike owners...........


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Possible problems found with the seat tube post lengths,
and depths inserted into the bike frame.

While doing some clean up and inspection of my MD 750 WH,
I removed the inspection plate on the back side of the seat column.

I found that the end of the seat tube resting/riding on/in the all the battery power wiring,
that is contain inside this area.

I have about 3.00" of length/space between the bottom of the seat connection bracket,
to the top of the seat tube clamp, and I need to have about 2" shorter length of the seat post.
And there is approximately 1.500" of the seat post down into the space of all the battery wiring, right now and I'll remove several inches to get the depth I need.

I would carefully measure the overall length of the seat post and how deep you have to seat it, for your riding pleasure, to prevent this from happening.

I also found the the end of the seat Post had cut some of the battery wiring plastic coatings,
which I covered with some plastic glue, to prevent any shorting/arcing of the wires etc.

Hope this helps you,
Thank you for the information.

I will have to check it out as I asked for a dropper post to be installed and that would affect the wires due to me constantly dropping it to the lowest point when stopping the bike so that my feet can touch the ground easily.